Hello baseball fans!

‘Hogs Half Season and Third Season Membership Plans will be made available at a later date. Information on these plans will be posted on this page at that time. The total number and locations of available seats is to be determined based on the quantity of Full Season Memberships purchased.
In the meantime, if you are concerned about not getting the seats you want before they’re gone, please check out our Full Season Membership plans and all the convenient payment options that make it affordable and easy to be a Full Member, with Full Member benefits!
Concerned that you just won’t be able make it to every game to justify investing in a Full Season Membership plan? Well don’t be! Just spread the love! 
There as SO MANY great ways you can use your season seats for games you just cannot attend, and give the gift of TimberHogs baseball to others so they can experience the same joy and fun you will! Give them to:
  • Friends
  • Family Members
  • A Co-Worker
  • A Valued, Loyal, or High-Performing Employee
  • A Kind Neighbor
  • Your Child’s Teacher
  • A First Responder
  • Your Church Youth or Senior Group
  • A School Fundraiser Event
  • A Charity or Non-Profit Organization You Support as a Fundraiser Auction Item or Door Prize
  • A Valued Vendor or Supplier You Use
  • Your Mail Deliverer
  • Your Uber Driver
  • The Teenager that Mows Your Lawn
  • A Server that Took Great Care of You at the Restaurant
  • A Stranger that Needs a Spirit Lift
Join the TimberHogs Membership Family today!