In the world of professional baseball, there are a number of individuals and groups who ensure the players have a positive experience as they pursue their dream of playing at the game’s highest level. One of the most crucial roles is being one of our Host Families! Host Families are an essential component in any team’s success – both for our players and the organization. Many of our players are not from the surrounding area. A welcoming home and caring family go a long way in ensuring a rich, positive experience for our TimberHogs.

We don’t ask for much – simply a clean bedroom with a bed made for an athlete with access to a bathroom and laundry.  We also ask that you live within about 25 minutes of the ballpark. Beyond that, it is up to you as a family.  Host families are welcome to invite the player to be a part of their family meals or TV time or other activities.  In most cases, as your relationship with your player grows, you will find him to be “one of the family.” These guys will keep odd hours with late-night games and a crazy travel schedule, one more request would be to have an “open fridge” policy for after-hours eating!

The time commitment would be from approximately May 1 through September 10 (this will vary pending the player’s schedule, length of stay with the team, playoffs, etc.)

Whether at home or on the road, the players get a pre-game snack and a full post-game meal. If a player requires transportation, we will try to place them near a player who has a car, so they can carpool to the stadium. Once the player arrives, we will address with them the expectations of their host families and we would encourage you to do the same. If any issues arise, we will solve the problem, move the player, or send the player home. These are all seasoned vets of baseball – some that have more than likely stayed with host families at some point in their careers themselves. They all should have a high level of respect for the sacrifice you as a family are making for the summer.

We believe hosting TimberHogs players will be a very rewarding experience and hope you build a long-lasting relationship with your player(s) and end up playing a role in their pursuit of a career in professional baseball. Not to mention, TimberHogs players can be excellent role models for young children and teenagers and are often great company for the summer.  Other perks include, but are not limited to:

  • Two (2) Full Season Ticket Memberships per host household with full Members Benefits Package
  • 15% off all TimberHogs merchandise
  • Invitations to TimberHogs special events
  • On-field recognition at a TimberHogs home game(s) (dates TBD)

If you’re ready to become a TimberHogs Host Family, please fill out the online form below and someone from our office will be in contact with you soon!

Candidate Host Family Information

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When the team comes home from a road trip, it is typically very late. Do you understand this and are you okay with it?(Required)
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